New nurf Gamemode!

20% damage reduction Increases to 30% over 3 seconds, to balance out the hyper damage of marksmen. But also limiting assassin's with spazm mechanics. - 25% bonus attack speed and armor - no bonus movement speed from items.(including phage) - Permanent grievous wounds AND applies to shields. -halved CDR from items. Just a set of things to tone the game back a bit. EDIT: This is just a rough set of ideas I had, cause I was a bit peeved at the state of the game. Another set of changes to prevent certain, unfavorable outcomes... -30% defensive bonuses from abilities. (So {{champion:54}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:78}} don't become impossible to kill) -You cannot heal or shield more than 25% of your max hp per action. (Meaning 4 shields can = your max health, but one cannot.) (Up for debate) This is a set of ones I'm thoroughly curious about how the community feels towards them, as I honestly would like to see them in the game. -Crits reduce lifesteal by X% -health or defensives requirement for titanic hydra to function. -Sunfire be a ramping damage that scales from 1/4th of it's current damage to 1.5x. -Spell sickness, per every repeat ability within 6~ seconds, reduce damage by 5%~ and increase mana cost by 5%. This wouldn't actually start until 10-12 minutes into the game, and would also ramp up if necessary. (with potential obvious exceptions or modifications for certain champions who NEED to spam hard, to do anything. Ex. {{champion:77}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:134}}{{champion:236}}{{champion:80}} {{champion:72}} and old {{champion:28}} would be a perfect example.) This is probably all bullshit, but hey that's just me. Season... 3 vet? Idk
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