I'm ecstatic about the Udyr buffs Finally, but now he suffers from a different issue: Pheonix sucks

When the Udyr buffs finally came, needless to say, I was pretty excited. I hadn't been able to play him since the absurd Nerf in season 6, repeatedly watering down pheonix's base damage (which was absolutely stupid; Udyr became broken with runic echoes, thus lowering his AP ratios was the right answer) till it was almost non-existant, even going so far as almost getting executed in the jungle. It was ridiculous, and the only halfway viable way to play udyr after this point was tiger stance, and most Udyr players preferred phoenix prior to this, simply because of how hard Tiger stance fell off. So he was kind of left in this piss poor state, where you had to play in his weakest stance to even be halfway useful. Now, after the slight change to Tiger stance, and slight change to Turtle stance, he was halfway viable again. This was a couple patches back, where they took his dot and made it work every three hits rather than just on activation, and turtle healed a % health amount rather than a flat amount of lifesteal. Still, there were much better picks, and his super low pickrate, below 1%, and his mediocre winrate at 47-49%, meant he was practically trash tier, only slightly better than volibear, if that. Now, finally, they have given him the buffs he needed, by giving him much higher base stats, and better ratios on his Q. This was absolutely fantastic for Tiger stance udyr, because he both scaled harder off base AD, and also had higher AD ratios in general. It was a much needed breath of fresh air into the champion. But what did they do for pheonix stance you might ask? They buffed his AP ratios... by about 20%. That sounds like a lot, but here's the issues: 1. Most udyr players never liked AP udyr... it was strong, thus it was played, but tanky, on hit Pheonix udyr was by far the most popular 2. While Tiger stance essentially got double buffed, and it already being stronger, pheonix stance only got one, making it even weaker than it was before. 3. The only realistic AP item udyr Can use is Runic Echos. Now the ONLY way to play Udyr and feel like you have an impact is tiger stance, which is a drastic change of playstyle from pheonix stance. Yes, Udyr can be played now, but he still suffers in pheonix stance much like he did before. Sure, he makes slight use of the extra base AD on pheonix, but it's nothing compared to the amount Tiger stance gets, and that's an issue. So, my recommendation is to get rid of Pheonix stances AP ratio all together, or at the very least, give it back some of it's much lacking base damage. It seems like the AP ratio on Udyr's R button has caused many issues for him in the past. It's just so dependent on AP items around him, that he can completely break anything that gives him movespeed and AP on top of it, unless the item itself is relatively weak. If udyr's pheonix scaled off of levels and a minuscule amount of bonus AD, he would be much easier to balance and much more satisfying to play to boot.
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