Are we done with Hyper Carries?

Is snowballing replacing classical hyper scaling (via farm and just surviving till you can blow up the enemy team?) Gangplank, Nasus, veigar, vayne, kassadin, and others have always been known for their disgusting late games, and adcs to the same extent use to have an air of scaling on an exponential scale, and with the exception of Kassadin, that seems to be fading from the game. Reasons vary greatly, one seems to be the snowbally feel that players have pointed out has remolded the game. The other, and perhaps most glaring, is the change in crit items, champions dont go from useless to broken when they finally finish their third item (or admittedly second), they scale up way more consistently. Gangplank is my favorite example of this. Tri -> essence reaver -> IE were generally his first three items when tri still offered crit, and if you got all three your dmg output was insane, but with only 2 barrels and way longer barrel cd early, you had to play intensely safe to get there. Now Gp gets tri and yomuus and thats the biggest spike he gets, his late game is still amazing, but his late game power has been shifted to earlier in the game both via items and buffs/ nerfs. Nasus can similarly win plenty of 1v1s by lvl 6 but late game it doesnt matter unless the enemy team has a poor comp. viegar scales better due to AP, but his early game is much better with DH. Adcs in general are up and running after stormrazor, and riot is again talking about shifting forward dmg. I am not hating on anything above, Im just going through the reasoning that leads me to this question: are we done with hyper scalling/super late game champs?? is late game gonna mean 25 minutes instead of 40? (cause that seems to be what if feels like). Specifically tho, **is casual hyper scaling getting replaced with snowballing?**
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