A silly idea for Urgot.

Hi Riot Games, I just came up with a silly idea but I had to share with you all. I know you guys have been doing some great jobs with all the reworks on those old champs, but some time I miss some of the old kits from pre-rewoked champ especially URGOT {{champion:6}} . I honestly enjoyed Urgot's old kit a lot more then reworked and I'm not saying you guys should rollback but make it optional in champ select. like it's one Urgot but in a cahmp select people can choose a Urgot with old kit or the reworked kit so people can confuse enemies in champ select.. To be honest all the other champs that you guys have reworked was fine and Urgot as well but old kit wasn't that bad if you think about it. I mean it could sound really silly but in my opinion it's worth of trying. Oh, and why not make a new champ that have totally two different kit to choose in champ select? (not like Kayne {{champion:141}} ) I want to know whats game-developer have to say about this idea?
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