Rant Coming from a Mage/Ap assassin main? CAN WE LIKE OVERHAUL ENTIRE AP ITEMIZATION?

Lets count how many good AP items there are **List of Good ap Items.** 1. {{item:3165}} 2. {{item:3135}} 3. {{item:3136}} (largest powerspike possible when you are at 1500 Gold and an item it builds into isnt ultra trash) PLZ NOTE VOIDSTAFF IS SOON GOING IN OP TIER SINCE THEY **ARE BUFFING THE % BY 5.** HE ll meet a buddy called last whisper Seriously this 2 items {{item:3135}} {{item:3035}} are unhealthy for the game,** They make Defense irelevant**. They force every viable bruiser/tank/juggernaut to have % dmg reduction in a kit or to be the best abusers of stoneplate (j4 and cho) which is the best %dmg reduction item. Else they die 1.5 seconds slower then a squishy does. I Know rammus is an exception but he is viable because the only thing which matters atm is an ADC and he is anti autoattacker **Edit** I DO NOT WANT %PEN ITEMS TO BE REMOVED. I just want the %Pen nerfed. Give the items which have that other stuff just not %PEN. Make tanks feel tanky **Edit** Additional note some champions mimmick %dmg reduction with trickster/zhonya like stuff. Maokai W (Really relevant). Zac wait time for his Passive (not that relevant, despite how insane zac kit is he doesn't have enough %dmg reduction so he is outclassed wierdly). By the time teamfights happen defensive itemization is irelevant locket/redemption exluded Who would win Bunch of stacked Armor/Mr Items Or some Autistic bow/Staff But now I tackled into another subject which is that there are no "tankier melee" teamfighers which carry fights at level AD carries do / some mages. Because **tankiness is a joke** due to % penetration **List of Trash Ap items ** {{item:3089}} This is the biggest noob bait atm in a game. This item has gone far way from zhonya ring (AKA original rabadon). Not saying it should be OP {{item:3285}} Ugh that scarry passive to bad Stattick does 250% more damage still better then rabadon however {{item:3070}} Ryze/Anivia/cass only item... I swear if i see another karthus going full mana regen. Any mana non nomicon item is trash, but nomicon doesnt give enough mana for anivia/Cass (she also doesnt build boots so easier investment towards arch) {{item:3157}} This item is just straight up trash compared to what it used to be. **EDIT **But hey atleast they gutted azir because of it and then they nerfed this item and then they avkwardly reworked azir. They seem to think we wanted more damage on Azir so they gutted half of his kit respectivly {{item:3116}} LUL Garbage noob bait good on brand But then again Brand is also garbage outclassed by many {{item:3151}} Same as the above except atleast this item builds out of guise WHICH IS THE ONLY THING WE CAN BUY AT THAT PRICE POINT XD {{item:3146}} Noob bait rush for LB/Ahri players. (Its situational for both). Aparently we have to borrow gunblade from hybrids says alot on its own. **Explanation on Why this is horrible rush and nothing more then situational on LB is in the coments below** (I had the #1 LB World title and I have been playing lb since she came out) {{item:3100}} Great On Le blanc because she can proc it twice. Good on TF because MS is a good stat on him + he has to auto. Good on fizz because its just the best burst option he can build. Ekko is not viable at my elo So i WONT SAY it is good on him because he is still irelevant despite it. the only reliable ability he has is his E so in his build there are lots of on hit items to support the least trash thing about him {{item:3027}} So you are either Ryze which is an exception and scales of mana or you need so much mana that you are Anivia. In extremly rare case you are Cass who got 4 early kills {{item:3115}} Are you a kayle= where is your ardent why arent you top support/ mid support for you precious twitch jungle which farms both jungle and your lane. Kinda outclassed by ardent. Oh No you are a teemo? Well people build teemo in 129381301839 ways because you know what? it doesnt matter he is trash regardless. Or maybe you are an azir stuck in 2015. {{item:3030}} Hi aurelion sol. This item is garbage because it only found 1 champion **List of OK-ish ap items** {{item:3020}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1082}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3152}} {{item:2139}} (Mainly because ap itemization is trash and this is the only way you ll spend all the gold)

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