Jarvan Q Potential QoL improvement

Currently Jarvan Q Mech in game functions such that there is an extension animation of his spear, and the damage is dealt along the trajectory of the spear as it reaches full extension. I notice that if you Q a champion in close proximity there is a delay before damage is dealt. I would like to propose a QoL change in which the damage on Jarvan Q applies as the spear travels similar to skillshots such as how Xin Zhao's W applies damage as the elongated spear extension makes contact with the target. In Pracatice tool when I set two dummies one at max range and one at close proximity, there is a difference in timing when the damage is applied. However, on Jarvan Q when one dummy is max range and then other is close proximity the damage is applied at same time at a delay on the close dummy. I propose this change under the context in which I had a game where the Q if the Q damage applied on the close proximity target as the spear contacted the champion (As Xin Zhao W does) I would have lived, however, the delay allowed the enemy champion to auto-attack me and we both died at the same time instead.
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