Lux is literally used as a model for 2 champion releases... Riots lack of creativity or prank??

this is a very funny post from one thread that i want to actually thread it lul "Its funny how the last 2 mages I mention are following lux playstyle clones. Zoe: CC thats dumb then has this burst lux: throws Q that also CC in a line then bursts Neeko:'throws' loop that roots then bursts Does Riot have any creativity at all? Or do they just want make melee champion lane like hell while playing dummy trying to farming all game cause afraid to get one shot by the high skill lux q's and her clones so much? Now do you wanna buy lux skins?? Riot make a unique mage that doesn't just fall in these categories 1. anime little girl 2. has an annoying cc that is basically the start of her burst <----- cancer 3. low elo stomper 4. wierd mechanics 5. no counterplay outside of ganks for melee champs
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