As a level 6 camille pkayer I'm going to explain how to beat her

I am working on maining camille. She is fun and she fits my playstyle perfectly. I want to be able to play her without her getting banned every game. I find myself wracking up kills lime crazy and carrying my team 80% of the time. Then alot of the time the enemy team is raging at me that she is op and broken and no skill. Ha. So for you haters out there I want to explain how you not die to camille. For starters it is impossible for her to one shot you. Camille needs her combo to do real damage. All of her qwe combo have counterplay. Q: if camille hits you with this she will do one of two things. First she will either move away from you or continue beating on you. If she keeps beating on you then try to get away for her second q. If she moves away she is going to w you. Similarly to darius the outer half of her w will hit harder and slow by 90%. This will make camille kill you with her second q if you do not get away. Her wall jump is very easy to avoid. Contrary to what you might think the closer you are to her point of attachment the safer you are. I once over jumped by a massive amount because I over jumped an enemy jhin and wasn't even close to him. It's also very hard to land as a camille player. If you want another way to dodge it just stay away from wall jump points. You could also flash it or jump yourself. Her ult. Well her ult has a massive amount of power in it. You can't escape by any means on your own. Your team however can help you because they are unaffected by her ult. For this reason if the enemy team has a camille on it the best thing you can do is group. Camille is terrible at team fights. Camille is fragile contrary to what you might think because of her passive. Actually the only reason she has a passive that good is because she would be useless without it. Team fights bring multiple sources of damage and negate her shield. She will die very fast with teamwork from your team. One last small tidbit. Treat camille ult as though you would with zeds ult. Camille will appear in front of you. Prepare cc for when she lands and not while she's ulting. She will dodge these abilities. Camille is not broken. She is doing what she is meant to do. She is frustrating for you because you do not know how to play against her. Other champions are much more deadly that camille but camille can be deadly. Hopefully these tips help. EDIT: Honnestly I'm trying to help players to counter her. Please stop being so negative because I had no intentions of making anyone upset or angry.
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