@Riot about Evelynn rework

*Triggered intensifies* Seriously to all of the rioters that worked on or has any part to due with the Evelynn rework. And any rioter that participates in any project that obviously is not sought or to be favored by your whole playerbase and it's many sub-bases(or specific sub-base that correlates with the project at hand). You guys never fail at not listening to the community. You guys do the exact opposite or blatantly ignore us, all while bringing us along on a screwed-up ride asking us what we would like from your end results and that our thoughts and opinions will matter and make a difference. So please stop playing two face, or expect a total reversal of your companies growth like jagex had with runescape. This problem didn't start at the Evelynn rework and it won't end here. --encourages diversity or playstyle-diversity only to later ridicule certain ways of playing any of the game modes or champions. Then you guys either give out suspensions like free HPV at a bar, or change the game, champion,or items accordingly to the way you guys see fit? And trust me I understand the reasoning behind some of the ridicule and changes you guys need to implement. We can't have people winning a game mode by simply dying alot and building cinderhulk and full tank, in a highly synchronized and beautifully orchrestrated-coordinates set of actions formed by a premade team. But we also shouldn't punish them(temporarily or mistakenly), without warnings because 'we' created a game mode that can be won in a way that hysterically makes an opposing team bleed their eyes out. LOL (im pretty sure some of the rioters who became aware of this and worked on the issue were slightly amused by the whole ordeal). 1shot AP yi(that took a while to get hotfixed), the troll nunu jungler that didn't get the role and puts everyone behind, the actual singed jg or singed support trolls(not the ones or one that have a positive winrate doing so and even have tried to blow wind up your metaphorical bums and abide by your ever so[totally not self-interest-), righteous rules. The list goes on. But as the list goes on, Mistakes on riots' side become ever so apparent. Not everyone doing things differently deserve any form of harassment, besides a nicely written(non threatening explanation of why Riot Games doesn't like that certain player(s) actions and if they could possibly-maybe cool-it-down for a tiny bit, please? Even then...changing the game,champions, or items to fit Riot's meta criteria on certain champions, their builds and, new playstyles should not be continued. By this I mean you guys have your heads in your bums deeper than wherever it is that Adele decides to stop drop and roll after setting fire to the rain; As in there are many cases where these champions, build,or playstyles had no real(negative) effect on the state of the game. Instead it was just a common player or group or players who had a wicked build, amazing strategy, or just plainly accidentally stumbled into something that worked out well. Is it negatively effecting pro play and has shortly become a constant? No Is it a probalamatic constant throughout all tiers of ranked in most if not all or all top competitive regions? No Is it creating a devastatingly toxic environment? No (lol that 1 busted strategy was, but you guys didn't handle it well) Is it something new, diverse, intuitive, and increases the enjoyment and in-game environment for everybody by pioneering new possibilities/outcomes that can lead to more competitiveness and enriched environments and allow Riot Games ascend ever closer to the ever so noble godhood(without work)? Yes Then why are we taking action? "lol idk I'm too busy looking directly at my anal spincture, while musing myself over the fact that I work for a company that made a game that shares the same abbreviation as laugh out loud..."*laughs out loud*. -- any specific changes or group of changes that Denied the thoughts and voices of people in the league community with (near to) immediate correlation. Many examples to pick from...I just happened to pull a strip of paper out of a hat of paper strips with Evelynn's name on it...go figure. Begin. I understand Riot found a cheap way to introduce new mechanics and playstyles(I'm being too kind and generous), (attempt)to keep stockholders, themselves, and the community contempt(somewhat). But does it hurt to keep a pre-reworked version of a champion intact to some degree? You know especially when that champion... Is it negatively effecting pro play and has shortly become a constant? No Is it a probalamatic constant throughout all tiers of ranked in most if not all or all top competitive regions? No Is it creating a devastatingly toxic environment? No (lol that 1 busted strategy was, but you guys didn't handle it well) Just kidding I'm not hear to gloat over the pre-rework Evelynn and my short lived mmr rampage I had with her. RIP Evelynn 2k17, will be missed harder than star troopers' aim of fire. Idk maybe keeping prereworked versions of a champion that don't have an apparent negative impact to the state of the game might work out well...just a thought...2 for the price of one...diversity y'all. No the real problem is neglecting the community. And downright murder. -bruh- Evelynn was all about working hard for that early game impact and pressure to start the ball rolling for a possible early last hit of the enemy nexus. Pioneering great jungle paths that were effecient and healthy, while rotating ganks from lane to lane to counter Jungle to counter ganks. Staying on your A-game(S+). Evelynn had a fair bit of counter-measures, which become more apperant and consistent the higher you climb with her so it's not as easy as a Road as it seems, and thus we adapt. I'll simply explain like this. The rework tradeoffs AP scaling hp regen that is conditional(on old eve this was called healing of a camp with or without hextech gunblade[+]) a slow that feels irrelevant.(I'd much rather have my resetable speedrushes and mana regen) a delusional set of number and tweaks that make me believe new Evelynn is op, but in the core everything combined and compared/contrasted i get less secured damage output at a slower rate, I lose hybrid and ad build capability. I lose stealth for most if not all of the early game (so much for snowball Evelynn skin concepts). I lose a big massive shield I can use in correlation with resetable bursts of speeds I can use to avoid and soak a heap of damage over the elapse time of a 1-2minute complex battle...for a overrated execute that pushes me back which conflicts me on how I should use it do I waste it as a gapcloser. use it in a early combo then stealth back into the fight. or just make picks and use it to execute low targets or to Denie split second burst of damage that can mess up my whole bojo? Do I take flash now, instead of the riskier and more rewarding ignite that gives me fair leverage over most if not all meta jungles? You know, because screw my early game. And praise meta jungles and their overall consistency, and actual decent pro-scene. screw my early game. screw my high damage potential at a fast rate. I can actually miss my q now, I was able to miss them before btw... I used to be able to attack savagely after casting e, alot of times those extra fast autos were make it or break it. Also RIP my mobility alot of that is gone. added skill cieling with very little payoff conflicted abilities. conflicted direction of changes. Im expecting cruddy-cocktail Evelynn skin now. Riot please add something like. give her something back. mana regen(I bet you'll pick this 1 bc your a minimalist). bursts of speed (I'll accept a nerfed version). bursts of attack speed(I'll accept a nerfed version of this if you combine this with hybrid and ad stats to her q e and r) orrrrrr give her Ult a recast that has 5 second window to go back to original spot before casting.
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