The problem with these "Nerf Yasuo" posts is that nobody is thinking about how to balance him.

Let's suppose Yasuo was Akali'd on a scale never seen before. Wind Wall lasts only 2 seconds and can only tank 500 damage, passive shield is gone, bonus crits are gone, and Yasuo can only dash once every 3 seconds. He drops to 30% winrate, and how Riot has to buff him. What exactly do they do? * Buffing his base stats, base damage of spells, and AD scalings enough to compensate for all the damage he will now be tanking would make him an insane bruiser. Without the shield passive, there is no longer any strategy in how he approaches enemies. He just dashes on them, overwhelms his enemies with superior stats, until one of them dies. Almost like Master Yi and Tryndamere do. He becomes a massive low elo menace because now it becomes more important to kite him. * Buffing his other cooldowns just makes him insane. Throwing tornadoes twice as often becomes necessary because he has so little protection from CC and damage, and relies more on stunlocking his enemies to death. Or maybe he windwalls multiple times every fight. * Without the crit passive, he instead would have AD scalings like Riven's, and would itemize more like standard bruisers. He's now too tanky to burst quickly, while doing massive damage to squishies. He'd be something similar to Irelia, but since he'd be less mobile, he'd be tankier or doing more damage. Or stunlocking his enemies more. I'm sorry, but I can't imagine a world where Yasuo is more fun to play against and more balanced than he already is. It's very hard to balance these melee-ADC types and I firmly believe that the devil you know is better than the one you don't here.
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