From a Bronze point of view, the snowballing in high-elo play is... tedious.

It's not just *boring*, because at least boredom doesn't feel like a chore - boredom feels like you have nothing to do, it doesn't feel like you want to just tear your hair out and moan, bitch and groan about it every second of doing it. T1 towers exploding at 5:00. T2's at 10:00. Inhibitors being popped at 15:00. All because of a really stupid cheese strategy at Lv1 involving Xayah, Rakan and the ease of which they can bypass terrain. Literally, the moment Lucian (this is Plat-ish elo) died at Lv1 because wards are a way-too-limited resource that can't be on every part of the map in every bush at once (can I please have the ability to spend all 150 leftover gold on both a CWard and an added Trinket charge? No? Okay...) I was like "Ah, so that's what they meant" because it helped me understand exactly why people were talking about Lv1 cheese strategies and junglers deciding games. They do - if you get FB on an enemy at Lv1, you're almost always gonna' remain ahead of them unlessthey do something stupid as hell. If you're the ADC and you don't do anything dumb in their boots, "you're winner" with all of the meaningless irony that implies. The moment I realized neither of us could really farm in lane because we were always a level behind and a good 400-500 gold behind, and they [and their jungler] knew how to use that to their advantage, I realized why people were complaining about how snowball-oriented games were, and exactly why LCS players play as safe as possible (i.e they blow all their wards for the jungler and hug the tower/right side of the lane for Bot, left side for Top) and value leash-less junglers. Because that snowball-oriented gameplay puts one side at an eternal, immutable disadvantage that's almost impossible to come back from if they play even close to smart. Because those junglers that don't need help let the laners sit near their turret, safe from Lv1 cheese. Compared to Bronze, this was the most tedious League match I've ever played. I couldn't fight, I couldn't do anything really - when teamfight time came, Xayah just one-shot everyone and that's... that. No strategy, no fun, nothing, just wipe the team and then push whichever tower in. Done. Just sharing my thoughts. Personally, I'm suddenly _very_ content to be considered a Bronze to Gold player.
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