Riot, I love that you are updating all the champion splash art, but...

Can you please add the champion name next to the picture in champ select? I have had several cases lately where someone on the opposing team has picked a champion and I've had no idea what they picked. I don't exactly try to keep up with what splashes you are updating, and in the thumbnail versions many of the champions are easily confused, or just straight unidentifiable. For example, Warwicks new thumbnail could just as easily be Rengar. All I can tell is that it is new, but as I didn't know which one had gotten an updated splash I had no idea which one it was. Fiddlesticks thumbnail size image just looks like some unidentifiable green thing with a mouth maybe? Most of the time in the full sized images the champions are easily identifiable between each other, but that is not translated as well to the smaller images given at champ select in many cases. A Champion name printed next to the icon would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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