Support Galio is insanely broken in high lvl of plays please just REVERT HIM ALREADY

Support galio is the second most played support in competitive, it's so broken it's not even funny. Wanna know why? Because of his gamebreaking aoe taunt that does not have a single counterplay except "don't be in RANGE". You can't interupt his W, you can't outrun the expension unless you have 500 ms, and he gets damage reduction + procs aftershock. You said you were going to delete items that had too much work and still didn't manage to be fixed. Meanwhile it's been 2 years that you constantly try something on Galio and the outcome is always him being either garbage or gamebreaking. No matter what you did, which playstyle you gave to him, which balance change you did high elo players and competent players ALWAYS abused his kit (especially W and R). The rework which has been done 2 years and 1 month ago exactly is terrible Akali got fixed with like 2 or 3 changes, and Galio is a massive failure of a rework.
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