Honor System touch up - Stat Screen!

The honor system is great thus far, but supposed in the 20 to 45 minute game you played you can't recall who was outshining. {{sticker:sg-janna}} What if, you were all doing well that game, you feel that one of your 2 carries (mid/bot) should definitely get honors, but you can't decide who. So you peek at that sweet stat screen/advance details and noticed that your top lane was not only soaking up damage, but also dealing tons of it too. Oh wait, you can't review stats since the honor screen is in the way.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} How about the ability to minimize the stat screen, with a timer element that lets you review a few stats before casting your vote. Maybe the honor screen does: "Best Foot Forward" and displays a few stats pertaining to each of the champs ((you could probably do it role/champ specific) jungler shows objective gains/assists: supports show mitigation stat heals, cc, tanks dmg taken). I was hoping to see that in the new honor system reboot, or maybe I need to review the patch notes. Well I hope I have contributed to the game in some way, by finally posting my thoughts in a forum instead of a notepad and only discussing said thoughts.{{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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