Why this is happening

Hi everyone, I am a bronzy and I have tried to climb up. But it was not successful. I have played about 50 ranked games, and I think I am going to quit league because I just can't climb up. However, in one matchmaking, I was playing Kha'Zix jg and my opponent is a Yi who is in GOLD 5!! I basically carried the whole game and we won. After the match, I looked at the replay and I don't even think that Yi deserves Gold(just my opinion). So, now I'm confused, I can even 1v1 a gold player, then why I can't climb up? I mean, I think that my potential is high enough to climb up. I'm not asking u guys how to climb up, but why this is happening and can I actually climb up? Tell me what u think, it will be very helpful to me. Thanks B.T.W he is a yi main....
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