Irelia has low win rate

{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}It seems that Irelia has a low overall win rate even amongst the top players of league of legends. I main Irelia and since the nerf from patch 9.2 it has not been treating me well. I play many champions but I really love and enjoy playing Irelia in many ways, whether it is the mechanics, builds, runes, etc... recently I have been losing lots of games when I play against champions like Riven, Urgot, Jax, and basically all tanky champions and champions with cc's or strong early or late game. I feel like Irelia is a little bit on the weaker side now. I am almost forced to pick other champs when I want to play Irelia because of the win rate and the counters. If Riot could bring back some movement speed and fix the W to magic damage reduction as well, and bring back ultimate disarm, that would bring lots of value to the players that play her. Because the mobility without minions around to Q is so low due to low movement speed in the early game, I've been struggling. And the ultimate would be useless against champions that rely on auto attacks and has crowd control abilities. Please, Riot If you could slightly buff Irelia.{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:39}}
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