Tribunal fails 100% of the time

Now I list the comms of the latest "offense"| prepare to be triggered: Game 1 In-Game (Mid player makes fun of initial enemy mid laner item) Donthurtmepleese: what did yasuo buy tho (Our jungle is Heimerdinger) Donthurtmepleese: does herimer jungle these days? Donthurtmepleese: herimer still lvl 1 Donthurtmepleese: heimer* Donthurtmepleese: he's recalling (Troll pings me 6 times with question mark) Donthurtmepleese: ARE ENEMIES MISSING? Donthurtmepleese: sry confused by ur ping cause it said enemies missing (Response to me is why am I in mid) Donthurtmepleese: because support was mid Donthurtmepleese: and u follow lane (More harrassment about me being in mid) Donthurtmepleese: christ Donthurtmepleese: noobs these days (We could've gotten tower if you didn't go mid) Donthurtmepleese: we could have if u didn't suck yes (More harassment from my 0/5 adc) Donthurtmepleese: dumbass (I get first turret, and told 'it's OK') Donthurtmepleese: obviously, i got the turert (Mid lane is 0/4 and asks why im in mid) Donthurtmepleese: it's 16 min in Donthurtmepleese: you're not laning anymore noob Donthurtmepleese: fight ur laner in a 2v1 like a man Donthurtmepleese: FIGHT Donthurtmepleese: christ. Donthurtmepleese: u didn't want to 2v1 ur laner? (as Janna, I get yasuo to 10% and have to retreat) Donthurtmepleese: i fckin almost solo'd him Donthurtmepleese: noob (Teemo dies, says you suck) Donthurtmepleese: nah Donthurtmepleese: what are you doing? Donthurtmepleese: charged in on a 2v1, died. (You're not helping [I'm currently 2/0]) Donthurtmepleese: my back just gets tired is all (Several comments about why I didn't surrender even tho team is 10/13) Donthurtmepleese: why lol (Yasuo is fed I realize) Donthurtmepleese: oh snap 7 kills Donthurtmepleese: rofl (Several comments about me that make no sense) Donthurtmepleese: only real reason i heard was fed yasuo Donthurtmepleese: then i heard a bunch of crying (Where are the wards?) Donthurtmepleese: i can wards u guys are out of position 100% of the time Donthurtmepleese: so wtf would i ward for Donthurtmepleese: myself? i know where they are Donthurtmepleese: ya'll are the most toxic people i've met in a long time (You're the worst player I've ever seen) Donthurtmepleese: nah (Yah) Donthurtmepleese: nah (Yah) Donthurtmepleese: nah (Yah followed by 6 question mark pings) Donthurtmepleese: enemies aren't missing (You should uninstall after game) Donthurtmepleese: tough internet guy Donthurtmepleese: pussy irl Donthurtmepleese: loses against nasus as teemo Donthurtmepleese: *slow clap* Donthurtmepleese: this whole team is too triggered to perform Post-Game (After Game, zed asks: where was team) Donthurtmepleese: um Donthurtmepleese: you weren't in team fights baby Donthurtmepleese: so that's where ur team was Donthurtmepleese: pathetic Hope you enjoyed that. I feel like my comms were 100% appropriate, as usual, and LoL's tribunal is pathetically weak and ineffective. Should I have limited chat for TEN games?! Obviously not. That's why when I was banned a couple years ago, I got $700 refunded for denial of service. *slow clap* tribunal still failing.
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