15-20 min games are not ok Riot.

Yes, I had 30+ min games, but there are like 3 of those in my last 10 games. Other games are like this. https://imgur.com/r4XS09Q This is not ok. Either your matchmaking is trash (which we all know it is) and/or there is so much dmg in the game that you just simply lose when someone dies few times. I mean, I'm not even tilted anymore, I'm becoming indifferent, which is even worse, because it means I'm slowly starting to not care about the game. As I'm writing this, I know it won't matter, 'cuz riot will go on with their shit. Zoe is just the latest example... oh boy I wonder what the new adc will gonna do amirite. Too bad I would just like to play the game where either team can win it, and not be decided in champ select, but that's happening for the last 2 years, so Riot obviously doesn't care. Whatever.
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