Darius needs a mobility tool

Darius's game play and balancing pain points come so much from his lack of built in mobility. If you can play outside of his range then the lane turns into a poke or farm fest and their is nothing Darius can do unless the enemy misplays. When Darius is strong, its usually when he is tanky or strong enough to brute force his way past that issue before getting the nerf bat again. Kiting and mobility is the weakness of juggernauts yet all of them have some means to deal with ranged threats to some extent. Whether it be a ranged ability of their own or some sort of gap closer. Without a similar tool like the rest of class, Darius will forever remain the only true Juggernaut that fits the description. A description that whenever true of a champion, will either get to play or afk farm depending on the enemy champion.

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