League of legends boards is useless if riot doesn’t listen.

This should probably be in “discuss the boards” but no one goes there. This is my message to riot which won’t even be seen. Riots not gonna listen to shit about anything we say about the game. We complained about tft and bugs in the game and they aren’t fixed. Boards make petitions? 1000 upvotes on that petition and riot will do nothing about it. (You = riot) You guys clearly don’t know how to listen to the community or even balance their own game. Damage is too high. Your ban system is Garbo You don’t bring back dominion or any of the rotating game modes this community has asked for. (You say that urf was taken away because you lost players from removing it. Maybe its because you removed something FUN from your game) You buff what needs to be nerfed (RENEKTON) You give a game mode a ranked system without finishing the game mode. **** your rng items in tft There are amazing ideas and fan art that you pay little attention to. What made this game fun was the community, but in season 7-9 it has been neglected. There is no need for these boards if all you are going to do is revert the change to rengar’s Q. Because that’s the only thing that you have listened to the community. Don’t tell me that you have been working hard on listening to us in the boards, because you haven’t. Might as well go play dota 2 because you have removed FUN from the game and ignored the community.
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