Conqueror Replacement and Dark Harvest

Sorry I click baited you. I've created 2 keystone concepts with a similar theme behind them that I believe could be beneficial to league, hearing about the potential conqueror rework just made me want to role the dice and post them. But overall I just have fun making these, Any response is appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------------[/img] _Conq Replacement : **OverPower**_ 8 Second Cooldown _After entering combat with an enemy champion, you gain 5-12 Attack Damage (Based on Level) and a timer for 4 seconds begins. If you attack an enemy champion again within that time, the timer resets and you gain another 5-12 attack damage plus an additional 3-7 attack damage (Based on Level) for each second taken between the timer's start and your attack. When the timer ends, OverPower is put on cooldown and the stacks fall off over 4 seconds._ **Maximum Bonus Attack Damage: 50%-100% (Based on level) total attack damage.** ---------------------------------- _Harvest Replacement : **OverKill** 35-15 Second Cooldown _ _Upon damaging an enemy champion bellow 60% health a timer will begin that ends after 4 seconds. While the timer is active you gain 20% adaptive penetration against that target, this amount is lowered by 5% for each additional attack against the target, total minimum -5% If the target falls below 27.5% health before the timer ends, the timer stops then the bonus penetration is carried over for 2 additional seconds and your next single target attack deals an additional 30 (+100% leathality) (+100% flat magic penetration) increased by 1.4% per 0.1 second remaining of the timer in adaptive damage. _ **Cooldown begins when the timer starts, If another attack isn't issued on the target within 2 seconds of the timer beginning then the runes effects end and the cooldown is reduced to 4 seconds.** --------------------- Numbers could be very off.

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