Neeko needs to make a trade off: Her damage or its reliability

Currently I like her design I just think her numbers are too high for how easy her spells are to land, particularly given minions don't mean safety against her. Q: Given it's extremely generous AOE radius, the spell needs a slight missile speed nerf at further ranges. E: The effective hitbox is approximately 1.25 times larger than the projectile demonstrates, please increase the projectiles size or reduce it's hitbox R: The R to me seems very overloaded and has way to many band aids to ensure she gets it off: 1. can't be interrupted by CC 2. So can only be stopped by killing her, but she gets a shield and potentially is invisible. 3. Making it a high reward, low risk channel, which then has a slow to stop people from getting off and a stun. 4. All that isn't even taking the damage into consideration, which they justify by it being a channel. But it's an unstoppable channel that no immobile mage can escape. One or two of these components has to go. 1. If she wants the unstoppable she loses the shield and slow 2. If she wants the shield she loses the unstoppable and the slow 3. If she wants the CC she loses the damage 4. If she wants the damage she loses the CC Hold her to the same standard as Nunu or the old galio. No channel should be unstoppable, that defeats the entire point of it being a channel For a comparison as to why I feel she needs these nerfs, let's compare her to {{champion:74}}. For landing his E, heimer in addition earns a laser from 3 potential turrets, with a base damage value 180 damage. Neeko landing her E, which is substantially easier to hit is rewarded with 280 base damage from it and her triple proc'd Q. 100 more damage, for substantially less effort. Heimer does outscale her as the game goes on, but given the difference in execution difficulty her damage shouldn't be that high. Overall she's well designed for the most part. She just needs some tweaking to bring her in line because she currently makes few trade offs for her substantial, reliable AOE burst kit
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