State of Fiora and what can be done about her overloaded kit

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So I have added a link for new players to learn some of the new tips & tricks that Redmercy did about 5 months ago during end of Season 5 and Preseason 6. We are now in Season 6; Patch 6.2 for this post. Fiora has a 10-0 in the NA LCS with a 36% or so ban ratio. She did insanely well in Worlds and is still doing insanely well now. The discussion and maybe a request to have some opinions/answers from riot: How is Fiora? Is she too strong? Does she need nerfs? What are some options being discussed regarding this champion. Now from my point of view, Fiora kit is too simple to land. Her passive deals too much true damage. In fact; changing the damage to physical damage would help address her without flat out nerfing her. Also the vital stays around for way too long. 15 seconds is not even balanced. Most passives that mark target (Quinn as example) only lasts for 4 seconds and does no where near as much damage and stat bonuses. I also feel that her Lunge mechanic is very glitchy and allows vital hitting too simple. Even with the change in Patch 6.2. I was watching the NA LCS and saw poppy use her W which stops dashes, Fiora Lunges, cant hit poppy but some how did damage to Poppy which reduce Lunge CD by 60%. How is that even possible? Overall, I like her rework as compared to her old kit, because it removed that dreaded all in or nothing problem. I think her rework was overall better for the champion, but you made her too toxic or OP for the current state of the game. With the new assassin item out on the PPE, she will most likely get this item. If she is not addressed now, she will become cancer for the community and the game.
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