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Hi this is Ivan Pavlov a Teemo pony. **Teemo needs a jump.** Reasons : How the Teemo Top lane match goes : * Teemo: Teemo's autoattack range : 500 Teemo's Q (Blind shot) range : 550 * vs Riven. Riven's skill set without using "R" Q (Broken Wings) RANGE: 260 E (Valor) RANGE: 325 If Teemo can land 1 auto or 1 q to riven, riven can dash on to teemo with 2 abilities and stun, and she has 2 more abilities left to trade teemo. Blind only blocks her auto for 1.5seconds, and slow from mushroom doesn't slow her dashes. 100% death when enemy jungler follows up * vs Irelia Irelia's skills Q (Bladesurge) RANGE: 650 Same story as above, irelia will either slow or stun teemo, and auto teemo to death with true dmg. 100% death when enemy jungler follows up * vs Darius E (Apprehend) RANGE: 550 Teemo hits anything to darius? grab is given. -> dead. 100% death when enemy jungler follows up * vs Chogath Q (Rupture) RANGE: 950 W (Feral Scream) RANGE: 700 E (Vorpal Spikes) RANGE: 500 So um. yeah. chogath doesn't even have to auto attack the teemo, Chogath can auto attack the minions and that vorpal spike actually hits teemo while teemo is trying to hit cho at maximum distance. 100% death when enemy jungler follows up Just like this, almost every champions can get to teemo easily and bring the cc on him, and Teemo has no tools to get away from those trades, or follow up ganks. The only champions that I consider Teemo is actually good against are Garen and Singed. (no gab closer or hard cc) Teemo's Mobility * Teemo's 'get away' tool : Move Quick COST: 40 MANA COOLDOWN: 17 Move Quick PASSIVE: Teemo gains bonus movement speed if he hasn't taken damage from enemy champions or turrets for 5 seconds. 「 BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED: 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26% 」 ACTIVE: Teemo doubles his bonus movement speed for 3 seconds and prevents it from being disabled by damage. - So this is the tool Teemo has to use against all those champions with dashes which are about the same range as teemo's autoattack range. And here is another example of what speed buff of other champion is. * Lulu Whimsy RANGE: 650 COST: 65 MANA COOLDOWN: 18 / 16.5 / 15 / 13.5 / 12 Whimsy ACTIVE: Lulu casts erratic magic upon the target champion, giving them 30% (+ 10% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed for the next few seconds if they are an ally, or Disarm iconSilence icon polymorphing them and Slow icon slowing them by 60 for a shorter duration if they are an enemy. DURATION: 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 POLYMORPH DURATION: 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 Lulu gets 30% MS with no ap from lvl 1 W vs Teemo 20% MS lvl 1 W and her speedbuff scales with ap + longer duratoin, while teemo doesn't get ap ratio nor duration increase. -If we compare lulu and Teemo it gets out of hand, let's just call it lulu wins. **The newest patch 5.15 was actually a nerf (including the little buff from 5.16).** I really do not understand why riot calls it buff when they take MORE away to give FEW (USELESS skills) in. Passive buff : Has anyone found this useful yet? In my opinion, this passive is still about as not viable as ashe's passive was before the ashe's rework. The biggiest nerf from 5.15 : Armtime from 1 to 1.5 seconds, If you throw the shroom to enemy, trust me, no one will stand at same spot for 1.5seconds. And what's more saddening me is that, if enemy sees where you place the shroom, they will clear it like no problem. So even if Teemo can throw the shroom now, no one will get hit by that, what's the point of giving throwing shroom. -Season 5 : 5 ORACLES ;D 1second armtime was still hard to pull off close distance fight Teemo had against melee carries. **Conclusion** : Teemo needs a jump, and if Teemo has a jump it will never be op. If it is op, then what about gnar... or even fiora who recently got a multiple jumps. Cait who has one of the longest range has a jump too. I do not understand why Teemo shouldn't have a jump. Btw, in Dominion Cinematic, it shows Teemo jumps.
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