Katarina is so underwhelming to play now

I haven't played League for a little over a year and I come back to find my favorite champion nerfed beyond belief. In recent patch notes, they've done nothing but bring her down. They have nerfed her base MR, meaning she takes significantly more poke in lane. They nerfed her passive base damage, so going in on a dagger is underwhelming and just results in more free harassment. They raised her shunpo cooldown by 4 seconds. They nerfed the base damage on shunpo by half. HALF. They cut the AD ratio down on it as well, so early long sword starts (my preference) are useless. Items: They made Luden's a mage/mana item, which means you can spend wasted gold for that extra MUST NEEDED burst now, or lose. The other penetration item now (instead of haunting guise) is Morellonomicon, which the gold there is mostly for Grievous wounds WHICH SHE ALREADY HAS IN HER KIT. They still have Gunblade's damage lowered early to hold her back even more if she does get ahead. There is no good way to build her, there is slim chance she comes out of lane winning, and if not, she cant win a game past 25 minutes. Statistically. So I can't justify picking her over another champion without feeling like I'm holding back my team. Is she playable, sure, but the odds of winning, or contributing to that win aren't very high. But hey, they updated her walking animations. So that's op. (inb4 good Kat should stay nerfed, blah sad Kat main, etc etc.) It's just a waste of my 500,000+ mastery points...

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