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If you are laning a skill shot based champion IE: {{champion:103}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:163}} you often find yourself sporadically running back and forth (orb walking) however, while doing this, avoid walking in a single axis ( Meaning you keep walking back and forth -> and <- or ^ and v ) What you want to do is Walk in an X formation, this makes calculating and aiming skillshots a bit more challenging for your opponent, when you walk in a single axis line up and down, you are giving your opponent a constant variable which is distance to target, and you are only changing direction, Or vice versa. However my maneuvering your champion in an X formation rotating sporadically in which direction you will take while remaining the same path, This will give your laner 2 variables to calculate (Distance, and direction of travel) I hope you understand what I am trying to explain! Goodluck
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