Your game use to be really fun

What the fuck happened? Why do I get so frustrated and washed with a sense of hopelessness every time my team dies early? Why is it that when certain champions get fed, it makes my teammates want to AFK in fountain? This isn't new but the frequency is increasing. I can barely enjoy any games anymore. It's stomped or be stomped. Half the time I don't even feel like I'm actually "playing" the game as I keep my distance from my enemy because there's no counter play after level 3 or 6. Half the time, I don't feel outplayed but rather, out champ selected. For every death where I got outplayed and fucked up, there a 5 other deaths where I feel "all this son of a bitch did was press R and right click me." Things weren't so bad at the start of the season but now I think this game is starting to be bad for your mental health.

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