Quitting after almost 9 years.

After almost 9 years of playing, this season proves how badly this company has lost their minds. From hypocritical choices, absolutely garbage communication, and the amount of time it takes to reach a solution, is mind boggling. I'm convinced Riot has abandoned their previous balance methods, all for the sake of pro play, which explains why their viewers have been leaving. I have had enough of this company not caring about the slightest in balance or even just coming out of the closet to express their QUESTIONABLE choices. What good is a game, where it's main communication source (these forums) is less prioritized than outside sources (reddit etc..)? This company has been dumbing their game down further and further, without even so much as addressing one, if not, the main problem. DAMAGE. Then again none of this is surprising, since Morello is no longer in lead.
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