Thank you for the Aatrox changes Riot

For those who dont know, Aatrox is getting buffed on PBE In return, he is getting some changes to his ult. Changes that I really like > [New] Aatrox now only revives if he gets a takedown during World Ender > [New] Takedowns refresh the duration of World Ender and reset The Darkin Blade (Q)'s cooldown > Cooldown lowered from 160/140/120 to 140/120/100 > Bonus movement speed (on cast and out of combat) increased from 120/180/240 to 150/200/250 > Increased total attack damage increased from 20/25/30% to 25/27.5/30% > Cast time lowered from .5s to .25s > Revive self slow increased from 25% to 99% > Revive heal changed from [10-50% Max HP] to [30% max HP] > [Removed] No longer fears allied minions > [Removed] Blood Well So if these changes make it to live, Aatrox will now be rewarded for using world ender offensively (or possibly using it under tower during a dive) Ever since his change, one of the biggest FUs was fighting/ganking an Aatrox, staring to win that fight, only for Aatrox to pop the ult and run back under his turret. Even if he dies, he could still move under his turret, he would still revive. For a "world ender" it was a bit of a thematic cop out, similar to Tryn using his "undying rage" to run away. Now Aatrox will be rewarded for using ult early, for the passive AD, and using it offensively to get kills rather than to run away
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