After playing Azir for a few days.

Yasuo wind wall stops my ultimate; despite not being a projectile. Azir is a very very slow champion. Nashor's is okay on him; I actually skip and keep the two daggers for Luden's. (Strange how well it synergizes yet doesn't synergize on Azir) On-hit effects should just convert to his shield or increase his attack speed... Azir's Q sort of slows.. isn't really enough to catch other players out. His base cooldowns are VERY high. I would love a QoL change for Azir; atleast to use his dash poke gap close set up; kind of annoying that I have to use all 3 abilities to even move as Azir lol. **Balance changes?** W base damage increased early, 20 to 40. AP ratios lowered so he doesnt 3 shot ADC's.

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