Can you people stop building Iceborn Gauntlet on Ezreal, and go for Trinity Force?

{{item:3078}} is just way better on Ezreal than {{item:3025}} is While {{item:3025}} provides a bit of tankiness and utility for Ezreal, {{item:3078}} gives: - Double Spellblade damage - 40% attack speed, which is fucking awesome with {{item:3042}} - As much CDR as {{item:3025}} - A bit of AD, which Ezreal scales greatly with (Q 1.1 AD, E 0.5 Bonus AD, R 1.0 Bonus AD) - Insane kiting potential with movement speed boosts, and you'll feel more swift during fights. Stop giving a fuck about what pro players do, because they know how to abuse the permaslow that {{item:3025}} provides and can pick up more damage elsewhere in their comp to compensate. But please, for fuck sake, stop building {{item:3025}} in solo Q games, when {{item:3078}} just gives way better stats for Ezreal Even the stats prove how {{item:3078}} is superior on him:
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