Suggestions for Grasp and Aftershock

I'm seriously confused as to why these two TANK keystone runes do damage? I feel like taking the damage away from these runes and reinforcing them with defensive power could help tanks actually be relevant again. I like the idea of Grasp doing no damage whatsoever, but healing for much more. For example, instead of doing 4% max health damage and healing 2% max health, it could instead heal for 2.5 or 3% max health with an additional 1.5 to 2% missing health healing. Tanks can and should be able to survive longer and be relevant without having to just have damage tacked on to what should be defensive runes. As for aftershock, I would replace the damage with a giant decaying burst slow against people who get hit by the second proc of it. I feel aftershock can be a rune that reinforces CC heavy playstyles without (once again) more tacked on damage. If not a burst slow, then a tenacity boost maybe? I don't know. Any other ideas for this?
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