Let's be real for a second: Chromas.

#Tristana buys some RP because one of her favorite skins has a chroma she likes. She already knows since more than 75% of the other chroma skins have red chromas, she can buy the red chroma. There's an event, which doesn't interest her much. Event has gold chromas and borders, but Tristana doesn't care for it. Let's say... Tristana wants a red chroma for Pool Party Zoe. It's bundle exclusive and you can't buy the chroma bundle anymore. This makes Tristana sad, since she could've sworn that even Bullet Angel Kai'sa got a red chroma. Tristana understands green chromas aren't as normally available and that's okay because now green chromas are a gift when you get it from watching your favorite streamers. Tristana knows it would make sense if they did it like a _certain other game_ and just make that one special chroma a tad more expensive. Tristana knows this is some bull, if she wanted to buy all the chromas she would. She doesn't want the freaking border or icon or ward she justs wants the f**king. Red. Chroma. "Keep your green chroma, keep your bundle, keep your stupid border." Tristana would say, infuriated. "I'll just get the base skin." Gnar is making a chroma team for an upcoming skinline with his friends Teemo and Rumble. Rumble and Teemo got Jayce and Katarina's skins, respectively. Gnar is a Lux main, but he can't fit in with his team because she has only one chroma. This also makes Gnar sad. Moral of the story: Can we **please** just get Ruby chromas separately, for a higher price? EDIT: Go ahead, rant. Defend yourself, support my cause. I just don't wanna spend 20$ on other chromas and a border I'll see for 5 seconds when I just wanted a red jacket. EDIT2: Would it NOT make sense for these "special limited chromas" to be seasonal? We can already barely see OS Teemo in a bush on the Winter Rift with his white chroma.
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