@Meddler: So Garen is scheduled for a gameplay update

please be gentle. i dont think he needs more than minor changes. we also dont know how the fighter item changes that are supposed to hit the pbe in a couple weeks will affect him. i see him generally as a pretty well balance champion. clear strengths, and clear weaknesses. hes overall not in a terrible spot right now. his lategame still feels like its lacking, but that might be fixed with fiddling with his scalings and some minor tweaks. overall a couple pointers: - critical strike as a stat interacts badly with his q. he doesnt have many options to itemize into it, so youre mostly dependent on RNGesus to grant you that crit on decisive strike. its a similar problem with the old gangplank where to crit or not to crit makes a large difference for the outcome of a fight and his overall effectiveness. this could be fixed by flattening out the crit scaling on his spells the same way with what you did with ashe, and making the stat more reliable. - critical strikes only apply partially to his abilities, so it doesnt feel fully rewarding to itemize into it if you do. either an increase on the crit scaling would be a nice idea as it mostly affects his lategame. or cause critical strikes to deal the same damage, but apply the bonus damgage somehow as a separate damage instance. this means, more crits = faster cleaver stacks. so even just having a ghostblade has some reliable effect on his spin. - the self slow on his spin that you put into place was supposed to be a mechanic for the early lane phase, to make it not quite as easy for garen to kite his opponent through minions or chase him down this way. however, it screws him over through the entire game. it happens too often, that you scratch a jungle monster, or minion in a teamfight down the lane, and completely lose your ability to stick to your intended target. it would be nice if there was a way to lose the self slow past the lane phase. - someone brought up the idea to give him the ability to ult large and epic jungle monsters (tops 1k damage like similar abilities) to add some team utility to the champion without directly affecting his power in terms of being able to fight another champion. it would give a team more or a reason to want a garen with them in the game. those are just some thoughts i gathered from playing and discussing the champion. imo a larger rework is not needed. for whatever that counts. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- in case anyone wondered what im talking about. hes officially next on the list. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884-Champion-Update-Schedule
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