Can we talk about how the level of fun has dropped dramatically and the level of toxicity has risen

This isn't a problem that happened overnight. This is a problem that has been growing since season 4 ended. Season 5 introduced devourer and the game went downhill from there. I personally think that the toxicity environment of this game is most likely caused by problems with lack of correct balancing and unbalanced matchmaking as a whole system. I'm not going to get into this because everyone has mixed views on balance, however I think that the vast majority can agree with me when I say that the current balance is poop. The road to recovery from this point is long or impossible. So what do we do from here? From a player prospective the game has lost its meaning... Fun. From a development standpoint the numbers on paper may look good. If profits are high then the game must be doing good however this may not be the case. You can't look at a peice of paper that says people are enjoying the game. I personally would be more likely to buy skins and such of I knew I was going to be playing league for a long time, however I have been teetering on the edge of quitting for a while now. I'm sure other players feel similar. Riot I am asking someone from your ranks to step up and address these concerns. I am asking just simply... Do you ever plan on balancing the game? Do you care about the players anymore? Or has riot itself become a toxic workplace where you are not allowed to stand up for fear of backlash or getting fired. Someone from riot please step up to the plate because currently the company is failing the players and I demand someone step up for the sake of the game.
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