Could we buff Piercing Thoughts for Mages?

I usually only go for Deathfire Touch on a mage when I want the additional 7% magic penetration from Piercing Thoughts to help deal with MR stacking tanks and / or bruisers, as the DOT effect from DFT isn't really that noticeable until mid-late game. (I am fine with Deathfire Touch as it is). However, %pen stacks multiplicatively. When combined with {{item:3135}} Void Staff, this mastery only gives a ~5% increase. 'But why buff Piercing Thoughts?', you ask. Well, mages have 2 legendary magic pen items + boots {{item:3151}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} at their disposal, while there are 12 legendary magic resist items + boots (did I forget one?). {{item:3102}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3194}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3193}} , Oh, and I am forgetting Windspeaker's Blessing, the Resolve Tree, and magic resist glyphs / quints / etc. Seems fair. So pwetty please could we buff the %pen from Piercing Thoughts to 10, 12 or 15%? Or...something? Thanks.

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