Played two games where my support decided to do a smite, river support thing.

We won both games. I had two completely different players who decided to go, "I'm not gonna support. I'm gonna be a river jungler." And even though we won? I was thrown to the sharks for a completely hellish botlane. Absolutely abandoned. I let them push and I was just dove like 3-4 times under tower, going 0/5 by about 15 minutes. Yes, the roaming river thing helped tilt the heck out of the enemy midlaner, and the jungler had so much pressure that they could invade all they wanted , securing the objectives with ease, while mid and top had all the jungle pressure they needed. THAT BEING SAID. I can 100% see why people would report players that do that, because in the end, if the game isn't fun, why would you play it? A person shouldn't have to be a sacrifcial lamb just for a win. A win is not that important. The most important thing is to enjoy the game. Which is the entire point of playing a game in the first place. It's supposed to be fun. Enjoyable. The problem is, while everyone else is having tons and tons of fun, having two junglers to help them with fights, you are left alone for almost the entire early game and have to spend most of your mid game hard farming on minions. Would I report players that do that? No. No I would not. But having being put in that position myself, I can definitely understand why players would feel so frustrated that they'd do that.
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