My suggestion on how to make tanks playable but not like in the past

Hey Riot Games and players, I just thought about the tank problems we always have. For the end of this year, tanks are almost gone as we can all clearly see. That's not only because Bruisers are more OP and more viable but also because we had so many tank/adc metas that (at least that's what I guess) Riot wanted to stop this. So now we got a meta where it's mostly about those playmaker champs and while tanks are almost non-existent, adcs actually do exist but they aren't as important as they were used to. So what do I suggest? If we think about what a tank should be able to (no matter what game) a tank usually should be able to survive for a long time and makes it hard for the enemy to get through him/her. To be this kind of tank our LoL champions usually have things like higher base stats + scaling with hp/armor/mr. Usually what Riot focuses on (at least imo) is to make sure tanks still have enough damage to be relevant in the game. And in tank metas we always had some tanks who did way more damage than usual Bruisers or even adcs at some point and still are unkillable because of their items/healings etc. I think we could try another strategy. Since Riot Games always tried to change things like armor and magic resistance, I thought about trying to for the hp. But HP alone might be way too easy so I thought: let's go crazier and make things like Cho'Gath's size a thing for tank. Now for some details (or kind of details?): By giving tanks more health points, they are tanky as they should be. Unlike armor and mr, I think health is pretty easy to balance since we only have life regeneration to think of. MR and Armor on the other hand are always involved in spells and items. Making them HP-heavier means that you need to go for either crit or on-hit/high dps. Burst should be weak against them. That gives adc their old spot. So now for the damage, I think tanks shouldn't do any big damage in the late game. Their main task should be CC'ing and peeling. Players will need to kill tanks because otherwise they get CC'd 24/7 but they actually can't get killed by tanks except maybe squishy supports. So no you may think: 'And what about the size now?' Well, the idea is that bigger champs will make it so much harder to actually hit anything in the backline. Just think about warriors with shields. You actually don't care about them because you need to kill those archers first. But they are in your way with a big shield. What does the shield do except for blocking? Well not that much since the only way you get damaged is when the just hit you with it. And it's easy to say that a shield doesn't hurt as much as a sword or an arrow, right? So that's my suggestion. Tbh, I can't really underline this with any calculations or statistics. For me, it's just a complete different idea from what Riot did in the past. I just think that we can't bring back tanks (without getting too OP) without risking to change them in a different way. For me, this could be a solution. Of course, the details are important like how big should tanks be and what is really 'more hp' and not too much etc. But if any Riot balance team employee sees this maybe it could lead into something. Please go easy on me, I'm just a Plat player. Also my English sucks, I'm sorry. I hope it's still readable!

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