Every single time I get a reminder of how stupid Galio is in high elo

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/299493047899521024/526135480920834048/430fe895bda27f43e20fd8c22ca405fc.png https://i.gyazo.com/a864d12b18c077d254870a44104acf87.png every fucking time Galio is "viable" I get a reminder of how he's going to just destroy d1 games because there galio players have a brain and can play him properly Why is that every single time Riot works on Galio, the outcome is a disaster? I don't understand this champion anymore, explain to me what I'm supposed to do against a champion that deals so much damage , has cc, but also aftershock and damage reduction. So I'm the one who's playing badly right? Yet Galio in plat+ has 53.5% win rate and 9% pick rate but nobody is going to complain the boards love galio poor champ ruined by pro play, rework was amazing but pro play destroyed it. what a fucking joke of design to have a champion who's supposed to counter AP damage, but mechanically counters all melees, also deal as much damage as a mage and has waveclear, 10/10 rework. But keep working on him Keep soaking the attention of all champions onto him, and maybe you will fix him right? Better complain about Akali, champion that kills you in 5 sec when galio kills you in 1 sec, has cc, tankiness, AND EVERYTHING at once https://i.gyazo.com/9ef351958ec30916df3e5fa8bb160466.jpg
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