Kayle counters Yasuo.

In every way and scales just as hard. {{champion:10}} 1. He cannot wind wall her ranged auto attack damage. It can also be baited out by her shorter cooldown Q. 2. His ult is negated by her ult. 3. His passive "resolve" is easily popped by her ranged auto attacks. She deals sustained damage and not burst so it isn't nearly as useful in lane. 4. His poke doesn't stick because she has innate sustain. 5. He cannot push waves as well because she has superior wave clear. 6. Yasuo cannot single out a high priority target for assassination because Kayle has ways to protect them (Ultimate, heal+speed buff, slow). 7. {{summoner:3}} None of these reasons rely on itemization, which is generally not considered "counterplay". http://i.imgur.com/pYmo2c0.png) Source: http://champion.gg/champion/Yasuo
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