Targeted Spell Change

This is obviously a massive change to the laning patterns of TONS of different champions, and making such a drastic change like this all at once seems really dangerous. Just thinking about one of my mains, LeBlanc, the fact that my Q draws minion aggro is a HUGE change to the way I would play most lanes. My concern is that Riot really hasn't thought these changes through, especially given their VERY minimal blurb regarding these changes: "Champions with spammable targeted spells, like Pantheon and Cassiopeia, put opposing laners in an awkward position: fight back and draw minion aggro, or just take the punishment they hand out. Changing this mechanic will make those champions a lot more intuitive to play against, as well as easier to balance." Maybe these champions will be easier to balance, but that is a LOT of champions which will probably NEED balancing, and soon.
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