can we talk about Vlad for a second?

**_- Diamond + ranked solo stats pulled from U.GG these stats are lower then FLEX and i believe my explanation on why i think his P/B backs this up -_** **top** 31.0% - ban rate 7.3% - pick rate 48.47% win rate **Mid** 31.0% ban rate** 5.9% pick rate. 48.87% win rate Theres a 44.2% chance this dudes banned or picked in diamond + he has the second highest ban rate in diamond + Top he has the 34th highest win rate in diamond + Top he has the third highest ban rate in diamond + Mid He has the 32nd highest win rate in diamond + Mid _**Why? **_ With this context we can see for some reason despite being an extreamly high P/B champion Vladimir is very far from being in a postion for those rates. What makes him such a P/B? I personally believe its his laning phase. Where other champions can be have more impact map wide from an early point. you know that hes a safe pick. hes in a position where you wont have to worry about ever losing your lane. Worse case senerio you can even allow crashing to occur, maintain farm, and out trade if they go for turret plating. You're also at a much lower risk for being dove thanks to his general surviability with Pool and a commencing/stop watch. in turn because of this you end up in a situation where you heavily relay on your team. You are gambling that you trade a stagnant lane on the rest of your team out performing. Where i don't think this play style is a negative to the game. I do believe that it really kills the already struggling top lane meta and damages mid in the sense that because of his large wave control you cant prevent him from maintaining gold. You also cannot roam due to the fact he will counter crash and grab turret plating. Im by far not a professional game analyst, game designer, or of a high enough ELO/MMR to say exactly what the problem is. however it does feel the champion has a problem that needs to be solved either through some clever redesign or balancing. **Aatrox cringes at the redesign comment** {{champion:266}}
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