Revert Malzahar?

Ok so I've been seeing a Load of posts from players about Malz. I've seen suggested changes, buffs and rework ideas galore and even posted one myself, but it always seems to come back to the same thing 4 options: Leave him be, Revert him to the pre 2017 mini-rework, revert him to his 2016 pre-rework, or just rework the guy! Have your vote! Hopefully with enough upvotes/poll votes riot will actually listen! Personally I don't care which of them they choose as long as it's not leave him be, so will not vote at all. Edit 1: Ok so I have to vote to see the Poll lol. I'm gunna vote for the Malz I knew and loved last year, but don't let that sway you! xD Edit 2: Also see For Morde Edit 3: Gunna pop this in the OP now as it seems to be getting missed when people read through. **Note to everyone else, to keep this in the recent and therefore seen by most people, a small comment would be nice. Please try to refrain from commenting regarding each other's opinions though as this is a post for the Poll, not another massive discussion about what we want to see change. For that there are MANY other posts including the one that prompted this Poll: ** Edit 4: Wow 4 edits required for just one OP. Ok so for those that don't understand how a revert/rework works. Any changes would mean a change to the fundamental effects of the abilities, not that they would return to the old statistics that applied to them (damage, AP ratios etc). This would be balanced around the game NOW, as strangely the game has changed... Cheers :)
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