Since not everyone's got a PBE account let's just discuss the Updates here

Now PBE feedback is great and all but: A) The skill level in the matches differs too greatly for it to be an accurate representation of power B) Not every PBE tester is going to play the Assassin C) Not every PBE tester is going to give feedback on them D) You can already give feedback even if you haven't played the reworks already So how about instead of complaining we'll gather some info on what people think of the reworks. I'll start with a quick summary of what I think of the reworks. Disclaimer; It's MY opinion, everyone's entitled to their own! And don't forget to share it if your views differ from other's. {{champion:91}} let's kick things off with IMO the best rework of this batch. I feel Talon's rework completely delivers on the niche of THE roaming assassin and offers a lot of ways to express mastery over the champion beyond just being able to press buttons as fast as possible. His laning and burst pattern are more intuitive but I feel the three hit burst might lead to him not being able to finish off enemies since the bleed might be EXTREMELY high (200% bonus AD) but delayed. Overall I feel this rework might be one of the best roster updates, the E in particular is very unique but might be a tad frustrating to play against, which is remedied by Talon lacking any foolproof way to disengage fights and would need to be able to flank efficiently and play smart {{champion:107}} This one's a bit trickier to judge. I really like his empowered abilities as they're all unique and triggering them even gives him MS, making him highly maneuvrable in the midst of battle. He feels more like a hunter as well, especially his Hunt being more of a two-way event rather than him just popping R and popping the ADC I feel he'll be played a bit more tanky akin to a diver though since his kit has synergy in extended fights. His Q, while looking cool takes some getting used to but overall it delivers on Rengar's theme as the prime Hunter. (BTW he'll get 42% increased AD if he kills Kha) {{champion:55}} Oh boy will you break your fingers wanting to play her to perfection. Her new dagger mechanics make her extremely jumpy and slippery in fights as well as really delivering on the lethal assassin's dance of hers. She's very mobile and her juggling daggers is extremely important to her succeeding. I have ONE gripe though, which is her ultimate. She's still stationary for 2.5 seconds and channels for extreme damage. it just doesn' anymore due to her being extremely fast and jumpy. Maybe decreasing its channel time and lowering the CD might help make her feel more fast paced {{champion:7}} She's got a ton more combos and her R's text is almost as long as Jhin's passive. Overall she got a bit more interactive and got decent wave clear with a clearer burst pattern and more deception. I still find her rather boring though, but hey, a lot of people find Morde extremely boring too XD I won't get into every smaller scoped Update but here are those I tested and what I think of them: {{champion:84}} I like her new passive as it allows her to not be so feast or famine and extremely opressive when ahead. Her clunky AA and low AS makes it a bit weird to apply though. Her W change is cool but her nerfs to E and R have to be partially reverted. Just number problems though. {{champion:121}} Actual choice for EVOLUTIONS! Oh boy! I feel he has a bit too much synergy with the new Duskblade though and evolved R makes him able to almost perma-stealth in the Jungle. Really risky but there has to be a reason to consider upgrading R, huh? {{champion:245}} Finally his passive slow is gone! Hallelujah! Still, I feel AP is still so bad on him because of how easily his damage is avoided. Timewinder needs to return faster. Or make Ekko able to reactivate it to manually return it to him, its damage depending on how far it traveled. Those are just MY thoughts on the updates, really interested in hearing what you guys think of them as this is literally the first time in ages that I've played any assassin.
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