Can Teemo plz get a buff to his E's poison now?

With the upcoming changes you're giving top laners even more of a way to fight back against early game harass of ranged champions. These champion you are trying to hurt though consist of ones like Neeko or Quinn who have some form of cc or mobility-ish type ability to keep them from being in danger. Teemo on the other hand only has a MS boost that can easily be kept up with. There are plenty of melee champs that can easily hop onto teemo and screw him over as he has no real way to escape unlike the others abusing top lane. I'm not asking for some major buff just a way to make it so his E is actually useful now past the first 4 levels. After cowl his E is negated and after {{item:3194}} might as well not even be an ability. For a champ known for being poison based he does a poor job at doing it right now
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