300+ consecutive games banning Zed - Heres a few things I've learned.

1. Worth it, meaning no other single ban has more capacity for making a match fair/playable. 2. No other champ has the same capacity for roaming and wrecking an entire game all by itself. 3. Riot deletes anti-Zed posts. 4. Counterplay in league exists, just not on Zed who's been welfare pumped time and again into some rioters faker wet dream. 5. His range + damage on Q is toxic and shouldn't exist. 6. His escape capacity is extremely toxic and shouldn't exist. 7. His wave clear is extremely strong for ZERO mana. 8. Zed is often banned by both teams. 9. No data is currently available for the number of games that were dodged after Zed picks. 10. Even a competent midlaner comfortable with the match doesn't ban Zed for themselves, they ban him for the rest of the team.
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