The League of Legends client is still broken, stop focusing on TFT.

It is INCREDIBLY frustrating that Riot has decided to introduce a new dedicated game mode whilst their main game is suffering. The client has been a bug riddled mess for an extremely long time, they've had plenty of time to do something about it, people have complained incessantly about it (rightly so), yet it seems like they have done absolutely nothing about it whatsoever. All we get are excuses, skins, and gamemodes that people will forget about in less than a year's time. Introducing a new gamemode is not going to help revitalize your playerbase if your base game is inherently broken. Do you know how annoying it is to have your game randomly crash in the middle of a winning ranked game while you're all focused on a new gamemode that people are already unhappy with? If your company still lacks the experience to manage one game, making another one is not going to fix the problems in the first one.
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