Currently, the rank 1 player on EUW is an account shared account. The twitch jungler has his summ keys on F for Flash and D for Smite. The ADC twitch has summs on D for Flash and F for Heal. For the first 23 games of this account, the twitch jungler played with a midlaner to quickly win games. For the second half games, he's duo'ing with a Lulu support for the botlane combo. If you already don't know, the jungle twitch is RATIRL, and the support is ap0calypse (renamed to ReAnimate) These players are infamous for their association with the "L9" group, an elo boosting, account selling and extremely toxic paradigm. In short, this is just standard procedure. Rushing Challenger and staying Rank 1 requires account sharing for it to happen, because a person cant play 25 games a day and still keep going.

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