The lost season

As you remember Season 8 was a very bad season. Season 9 is somehow worse than that. I really don't feel like Season 9 is worth my time. Good that TFT came out. I spend most of my time on TFT instead of League. I will tell you what I think about Season 9 and why I claim it to be a lost season: - I feel like nobody cares about the game and they don't try their hardest anymore, which is probably due to current state of the game - client works really laggy and has bugs also is outdated (i mean, we can't even log out, we have to close the whole fucking game) - too little servers in EU and NA, just look at how many China has - ladder was broken so people lost 1-2 months of time when it was reseted and it is still broken - autofill fucks up most of the games, I mean, I get 4 autofill players sometimes or I am one of them as support, which makes the match unwinnable, if enemy has at least 3 players on their main roles - outplay potential is not as high as in season 4,5,6 and 7 because runes are inconsistent and too kit reliant, look at Khartus with DH, no skill needed to play him and they didn't fix that for like 2 months - broken champions don't get fixed in time, usually they get fixed when they get in pro play and they are broken there too (Zoe S8, Khartus, Seju S8, Graves S8, Rek Sai, J4, Kaisa) - too much focus on skins, I stopped buying them, because there are just too many of them, so I don't care anymore (oversaturation) - most of the champions have bugs, my champion has like 11 or more, only one of them is a buff, the rest makes him tier 4 or 5 - patches are not really tested, look at patch 9.14, a hot mess of a patch and they took 3 weeks instead of 2 to make it - every new champion gets a dash or several or some invulnerability - meta changes into a different meta, just in jungle nothing changes, because of how weak jungle is, so only several champions can perform consistantly there - ap junglers are limited to 5 or 6, which makes it hard to play ap when somebody picks meta mid, which are ad atm (talon, zed, yasuo, qiyana) - too little bans, while too many strong picks (like, i have to waste my ban sometimes on yasuo, so that my team doesn't pick this shit, but even if I don't do that I can ban 1 champion and other 20 strong picks are there waiting to get picked by the enemy) What I would be happy about: You don't need to change everything that I mentioned. Just remove autofill, make a new client and get us some servers in EU and NA, coz playing on 60 ms is kinda frustrating. You want your community to get better and less toxic, then start from the source of toxicity and frustration, which is your game. Autofill, the client and amount of ms are the main sources of anger in this game. Start from fixing those issues.
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