New Arcade skins are a total joke

It seems like Riot is just throwing skins at us so we shut up. They aren't putting effort nor quality into skins recently.The only decent skins so far are Demon Tristana and the IG skins. This is evident towards Mordekaiser's reworked skins which we had to beg Riot to add more effects into. Anyway here were the new skins: Battle Boss Yasuo is more of a disappointment than that Basketball Ivern skin. I'm completely fine with Kai'sa and Caitlyn getting a skin. So many cool concepts could go with Battle Boss and you chose fucking Yasuo out of all of them. Literally any void monster could fit as a battle boss: {{champion:161}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:421}} or better yet we haven't seen a {{champion:56}} skin in forever. I totally understand though, Riot is a small indie game company after all.
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